Building a Bridge to Goodness.

During Goodstock 2014, the energetic folks at KW2 rallied through the night to help connect our community to 11 Dane County non-profit organizations. Working with each cause in mind, we created video spots, radio ads, posters and billboards to share their messages. We developed PR strategies, marketing plans, and messaging and social media tools to drum up word-of-mouth goodness around town. And best of all, we helped these non-profits put nearly $300,000 toward doing a whole lot of good for our community. Because when we put our experience to work for them, they keep their resources closer to the cause. So from the bottom of our hearts to the top of the world, we thank our Goodstockers for their good work, untiring efforts, and dedication of time. And for letting us be a part of it for 24 hours.

Aaron Meyer Foundation

Aaron's House is a project of the Aaron Meyer Foundation, a destination for young adults with a history of substance abuse who have at least 90 days of sobriety. Aaron's House provides up to 24 months of residence with peers who are also in substance abuse recovery, combining peer support with skilled, professional guidance to residents.

Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin

The Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin provides support for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and for their families. They lead educational outreach, public policy advocacy and support groups for everyone affected by the challenges associated with autism.

Badger Childhood Cancer Network

The Badger Childhood Cancer Network offers programs and services to meet the needs of families whose children are in treatment for cancer and blood disorders in the Madison area. They educate, support, serve and advocate for children with cancer and blood disorders, their families, survivors of childhood cancer and the professionals who care for them.

East Madison Community Center

The East Madison Community Center promotes educational, recreational and community activities for residents of Madison's east side. EMCC offers programs and assistance to families, children and individuals, and helps residents connect with the resources necessary to help enhance quality of life.

Employment Resources, Inc.

Employment Resources, Inc.'s mission is to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. ESI provides employment and benefits counseling, assistive technology and community outreach services to employees with disabilities, as well as offering consultation, training and technical assistance to employers, disability advocates and government agencies.

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin promotes social change that transforms societal attitudes, practices and policies to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse. They achieve their mission and vision through public policy, advocacy, education and activities that increase the capacity of programs and communities to mobilize to end domestic violence.

Flyways Waterfowl Museum

The Flyways Waterfowl Museum is dedicated to the waterfowl that migrates along the Mississippi Flyway, offering exhibits, interactive displays and galleries featuring more than 60 species of waterfowl. The museum combines conservation and sportsmanship to create a unique site for waterfowl education and appreciation.

Friends of the Historic Oregon Water Tower

The Friends of the Historic Oregon Water Tower group is dedicated to the restoration of the Village of Oregon Pump House and Water Tower. Built in 1899, the Pump House and Water Tower are on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and the Friends of the Historic Oregon Water Tower have undertaken several restoration projects to keep these pieces of history in excellent condition.

The Road Home Dane County

The Road Home Dane County provides opportunities for homeless children and their families to achieve self-determined goals and affordable, stable housing. They provide supportive housing and intensive case management services for homeless families, as well as partnering with other organizations to provide shelter facilities, meals, and evening activities.

Urban Tree Alliance

The Urban Tree Alliance' mission is to preserve and grow the urban forest canopy in a sustainable and innovative manner while educating and involving the public. They advocate for the urban forest, define and explain the benefits it provides, educate and demonstrate how to assure it's health and growth and act in service to property owners, community groups, municipalities, and anyone else who has a stake in the management of this communal resource.

West Madison Senior Coalition

The West Madison Senior Coalition provides programs and services that enhance older adult's independence and enrich their quality of life. West Madison Senior Coalition's services include case management, community meals, volunteer assistance and activities in its Senior Center.